Be just to the earth; for the good of all beings.

善待土地 ‧ 惠澤眾生

HomelandGreen is a group of Hong Kong volunteers learning to live harmoniously with soil that nurtures all lives. We take part in greening projects and pursue agricultural practices that promote soil health.

As consumers in modern societies, we have all contributed towards man-made desertification and climate change.

Do we now have sufficient reasons and knowledge to support such efforts that can help make our homeland green again?

Our Focus …

Land Restoration

It is a fact that sand from northern deserts in China reaches South East Asia and even North America in the same way sand from the Sahara reaches Europe every year. Tree planting expeditions are organized to stop the encroaching deserts and rehabilitate the degraded land. Join our study and tree planing trips and have an amazing experience.


Conduct research projects in regenerative farming, share results and findings with local practitioners to produce environmental friendly, cost effective nutritional farm products with scientific approach. Correct farming practices would not deplete soil. Rather it increases nutritional value of produce, supports soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration for addressing global warming issues.


We learn so much from expert scientists around the globe and finally come to grasp the soil science and biology of Mother Nature. Here we share our findings to get the public to change the view on soil, how plants grow healthily, and ultimately our way of life.


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2 days ago

在地球45億年前形成開始,經過十億年才有稱得為生命的有機體以細菌形式開始出現,經歷多少里程碑式的新生物共同演化與共生,到7億年前才開始有陸生植物。作為人類的我們,叫得上始祖的不過20多萬年前,農耕歷史也不過萬年。卻妄想那些與各生命體共同演化共生出來的植物,能只受人類擺佈便能健康生長繁衍,是愚昧無知還是自大呢? 大自然要給我們多少教訓才能讓我們醒悟? ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

億萬年前開始,能起光合作用的生物體與真菌慢慢共同演化,互相裨益的共生關係讓今天我們稱為植物的生物體將營養循環系統內化再進而複雜化,成就了從水中生命走向陸生的生命大躍進。億萬年來,土壤上下的生物多樣性彼此互相促進。植物多樣性能提供多樣的根系滲出物,多樣性的根系滲出物才能養出多樣性的地下生命。根系的滲出物就是複雜的土壤食物網的主要食物來源。因此,地球上所有生命都要靠植物的光合作用收集太陽能量來驅動。很可惜地,很多農夫都不意識到種植的基本方向是光合作用的最大化、土壤生物的多樣化和土壤有機質的持續增量,以致不斷向土壤和農場加進很多作物並不真正需要的東西,也不懂得保育土壤,以致成本不斷增加和收成不斷下降。幾時這些基礎知識才可普及,讓謬誤消除呢? ... See MoreSee Less
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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.