Be just to the earth; for the good of all beings.

善待土地 ‧ 惠澤眾生

HomelandGreen is a group of Hong Kong volunteers learning to live harmoniously with soil that nurtures all lives. We take part in greening projects and pursue agricultural practices that promote soil health.

As consumers in modern societies, we have all contributed towards man-made desertification and climate change.

Do we now have sufficient reasons and knowledge to support such efforts that can help make our homeland green again?

Our Focus …

Land Restoration

It is a fact that sand from northern deserts in China reaches South East Asia and even North America in the same way sand from the Sahara reaches Europe every year. Tree planting expeditions are organized to stop the encroaching deserts and rehabilitate the degraded land. Join our study and tree planing trips and have an amazing experience.


Conduct research projects in regenerative farming, share results and findings with local practitioners to produce environmental friendly, cost effective nutritional farm products with scientific approach. Correct farming practices would not deplete soil. Rather it increases nutritional value of produce, supports soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration for addressing global warming issues.


We learn so much from expert scientists around the globe and finally come to grasp the soil science and biology of Mother Nature. Here we share our findings to get the public to change the view on soil, how plants grow healthily, and ultimately our way of life.


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4 hours ago

綠蔭家園最近參加了「千分之四:為糧食安全和氣候變化養土」3/5-11/6的虛擬展覽,在第27展區介紹了我們在香港推行再生農耕的策略和成效, , 在第35展區,則詳盡地報導了我們九年來在內蒙古烏蘭布和沙漠參與義務植樹治沙生態復原計劃,親眼目睹沙漠如何可在全民投入下,成功復原為一個零污染的生態綠色農業區,讓當地人生計和環境改善的故事。。有些朋友不明白「千分之四」倡議何所指,以下這視頻希望能幫讀者明白這倡議的科學依據,以及為何以「善待土壤.惠澤眾生」為座右銘的綠蔭家園為何要積極响應。 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

經過很多普及農業科學的努力後,現在多了農夫明白原來田裡作物在整個生長過程其實是不斷將光合作用生成的糖和簡單蛋白質甚至脂肪等從根部輸進土中,去餵飼與其有共生作用的微生物的,而這過程也不斷為土壤增添有機質。所以一方面健康的土壤能長出健康的作物,同理地健康的作物也不斷增進土壤健康。但作物在不同生長階段,對土壤微生物的營養輸出是不同的。AEA 的 John Kempf 在這公開的視頻裡,為大家詳細解釋這機理。視頻較長,綠蔭家園提供的中文節譯,將分開五節與大家分享。另一方面,作物光合作用雖然先製造葡萄糖,但視乎作物所獲營養的完整性能否合成適當的酵素(蛋白質)讓這些葡萄糖有效轉化為非還原糖,否則積累的還原糖便容易吸引以它為食物的蟲類來進食。對土壤輸出的,也視乎還原糖較多還是非還原糖較多,前者可能養飼了更多對作物有害的細菌。這些進一步對植物機理與營養完整性和作物病害之間關係的認知,讓我們更明白為何只著重數個主要營養如磷氮鉀的化肥農藥,為何會導致作物更易生病。植物健康_光合作用與營養關係系列五之五。 ... See MoreSee Less
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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.