Tai Po Old Market Public School


大埔舊墟公立學校(寶湖道)課題報告 (2017-11)
感謝 學校,學生,老師及指導老師陳志松主任

A school project on soil restoration and regenerative farming was launched with Tai Po Old Market Public School (大埔舊墟公立學校)with the support of several young farmers sponsored by HomelandGreen to be trained in Australia in 2016.  Between 1 March and mid-June 2018, ten two-hour sessions were conducted for some 20 primary pupils at different levels at which basic concepts and practices of regenerative farming were introduced.  Data on progressive improvement of soil and plant growth would be collected with a view to serve as reference points for similar trial outs at other local farmers.  Initial response from kids and school management has been very positive after the first two sessions conducted on 1 and 22 March 2018.  It was encouraging to see three P6 students from the school received the Hong Kong Young Scientist for Innovation Award by practising the use of compost tea and mushroom substrate provided by HomelandGreen.