What do we really want?

Certainly no one wants a habitat that cannot support life. There are over 7.8 billion people on Earth and it is growing. Any inch of topsoil lost means less food for the whole food chain. HomelandGreen focuses our efforts in three main areas to effect changes in our society towards sustainable farming and way of life.

Land Restoration

It is a fact that sand from northern deserts in China reaches South East Asia in the same way sand from the Sahara reaches Europe every year. Tree planting expeditions are organized to stop the encroaching deserts and rehabilitate the degraded land. Join our study and tree planing trips and have an amazing experience.


Conduct research projects in regenerative farming, share results and findings with local practitioners to produce environmental friendly, cost effective nutritional farm products with scientific approach. Correct farming practices would not deplete soil. Rather it increases nutritional value of produce, supports soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration for addressing global warming issues.


We learn so much from expert scientists around the globe and finally come to grasp the soil science and biology of Mother Nature. Here we share our findings to get the public to change the view on soil, how plants grow healthily, and ultimately our way of life.