Be just to the earth; for the good of all beings.

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HomelandGreen is a group of Hong Kong volunteers learning to live harmoniously with soil that nurtures all lives. We take part in greening projects and pursue agricultural practices that promote soil health.

As consumers in modern societies, we have all contributed towards man-made desertification and climate change.

Do we now have sufficient reasons and knowledge to support such efforts that can help make our homeland green again?

Our Focus …

Land Restoration

It is a fact that sand from northern deserts in China reaches South East Asia and even North America in the same way sand from the Sahara reaches Europe every year. Tree planting expeditions are organized to stop the encroaching deserts and rehabilitate the degraded land. Join our study and tree planing trips and have an amazing experience.


Conduct research projects in regenerative farming, share results and findings with local practitioners to produce environmental friendly, cost effective nutritional farm products with scientific approach. Correct farming practices would not deplete soil. Rather it increases nutritional value of produce, supports soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration for addressing global warming issues.


We learn so much from expert scientists around the globe and finally come to grasp the soil science and biology of Mother Nature. Here we share our findings to get the public to change the view on soil, how plants grow healthily, and ultimately our way of life.


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2 days ago

很多人都未意識到,將土壤裡的有機質增加1%,一畝地便可貯存多2萬加倫的水。這就是為甚麼刻意增加土壤有機質的再生農耕,有較高能力應對氣候變化加劇的各種乾旱或泛濫,保障全球糧食安全。Desertification begins when the available rainfall becomes less effective due to increasing bare ground. The rain (or snowmelt) evaporates and runs off the soil surface, instead of being quickly absorbed and retained by the soil.The degradation of soil life results in diminished biological diversity, loss of soil carbon, and exposed barren areas, which result in less effective rainfall, and consequently increased floods and droughts. Famine, water scarcity, and poverty are ensuing outcomes of land degradation.🌱 More than any other single factor, an effective water cycle requires management that maintains or increases soil cover, followed by the buildup of organic matter, aeration, and infiltration. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

1988年,Bruce Tainio 首先提出以植物葉液酸鹼度pH作為植物受病蟲害侵襲的風險評估指標,超過30年的驗証,葉液pH今天已成為葉液分析的必然項目。雖然今天Olivier Husson 的研究顯示決定性的除了pH還有Eh, 但Bruce Tainio提出這簡單的測量工具,今天在植物的營養管控方面,實用性依然很高,尤其是與葉液糖度配合一起來解讀的話,已足够讓農夫在調控作物的營養方面,作出好的選擇。原理上,液體的pH其實顯示其氫離子的百份含量。任何生物體,都有其最佳的細胞液正負離子比例,讓那些複雜的生化功能正常運作。而植物細胞液的最佳pH是6.4。植物體內如鈣、鎂、鉀、鈉等正離子多於平衡,pH便會上升,這些離子活動所產生的較高電子頻率對昆蟲有較大吸引力。相反地,如果這些正離子少於所需的平衡,植物的電子頻率低於正常便會吸引病原體。所以,維持植物葉液的pH在6.4,變成農夫進行植物營養管控的重要目標。植物需要的營養元素超過18種,農夫自己調控可能困難,最佳的幫手便是土壤微生物了。圖表中譯由綠蔭家園提供。 ... See MoreSee Less
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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.