– One way to bring about changes

Who needs to change?

We do. Our society does.

How to come about changes?

Through education, workshops, overseas training and consultancy services HomelandGreen conducts, we introduce new ideas to the students, interested individuals/groups and professional farmers.

People affect people.

These activities and services show the success stories and practices worldwide and locally. It is hopeful the attendees of HomelandGreen’s activities and services will employ these methods and make our homeland green again.

Types of Services

Public Education

Public education is about reaching out and knowledge transfer. HomelandGreen hosts a variety of free workshops, forums and radio talk shows to spread our mission, science behind soil regeneration, global trend on climate change and hands-on demonstrations.

Professional Workshops

HomelandGreen periodically offers free professional workshops to farmers, environmentalists and educators. Participants get hands-on practice and see the science and theory at work.

Recycle & Compost

HomelandGreen encourages farmers and environmental groups to make compost on site. We host free hands-on compost workshops periodically.

Sponsoring Overseas Training

HomelandGreen has sponsored young farmers to attend international conferences and trainings.

Professional Consultancy

HomelandGreen provides free consultancy services to local farms on soil regeneration in order to decrease purchased inputs and increase crop health.