HomelandGreen believes science matters and knowledge empowers. We effort to spread the best practices and the underneath science by means of Study Trips, Workshops/demonstrations, translation work, publication of articles, etc. Only through better understanding of soil ecology/biology, could we consciously choose the ways that are sustainable to soil, microorganism, plants, human health and Earth.

Study Trips

HomelandGreen conducts study trips overseas and to Mainland China. These trips provide first-hand and on-site observation on “greening” efforts. Even with a tight budget, we started sponsoring aspired young farmers and enthusiasts in 2014. It is HomelandGreen’s mission to encourages our associates and target audience to further their study in the science of soil, microorganism and plants in relation to the whole ecosystem and global climate.

Translation Works

With consent from the original video producers on topics of soil ecology/biology, HomelandGreen translates and add Chinese subtitles on these videos. HomelandGreen appreciates the work of original makers and happy to spread the subject to Chinese-speaking community.

HomelandGreen also puts English subtitles on our own videos to share with international communities our efforts and related stories.