Talks on Soil Science

… strands of fungi weaving through the soil, trading nutrients with plants and helping create good soil structure along the way. Protozoa of all kinds are important members of the soil ecosystem. They are key to unlocking nutrients immobilized by bacteria and freeing them for use by plants.

This is message HomelandGreen tries to get across to our audience. Soil is alive. To quote Dr. Elaine Ingham, soil is dirt if it is void of micro-organisms. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in conventional farming rids the soil of robust micro-organism. It breaks the bond and symbiotic relationship between the plants and micro-organisms causing the plants vulnerable to diseases.

HomelandGreen explains this concept and science to a wide range of audience spanning from farmers, high school/university students, scientists and professionals. We keep us abreast of the latest development.

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