Regenerative Farming

One objective is to conduct research projects in regenerative farming and share results and findings with local practitioners how to produce environmental friendly, cost effective nutritional farm products through putting into practice the latest scientific knowledge on the subject while at the same time appeal to the public to support regenerative or carbon farming as a way of soil rehabilitation and carbon sequestration so as to play our role in addressing global warming issues.

Promoting regenerative farming in Hong Kong, China

Experimental farming project at Hong Miu Farm (Since December 2018)

Cheong, the owner at Hong Miu Organic Farm being intrigued and impressed with Homeland Green’s talk on soil science and regenerative farming, invited HomelandGreen to experiment on his farm. It is HomelandGreen’s intention to show him and the farming community that less but correct input give the soil what it needs to nurture biology.

Volunteers performed initial soil test and started working on the soil. Initially, the plants were infected by pests and diseases. With application of compost tea, proper but natural inputs, the plants got healthier and the produce turned out better than those in the other plots.

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Set up thermal compost piles in a local farm (2015-12-09)

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How to set up thermal compost pile and brewing compost tea


  • Member of HomelandGreen visited Nutri-tech Solutions Australia on Mineral management, Plant management, Pest management, Microbe management and Human health management (2016)