Support Us

Desertification and climate change are global issues. Global issues needs global involvement. HomelandGreen works on it in Hong Kong as well as China. Your involvement in any ways move us one step further towards accomplishing our goal.

Involvement can simply be following us on our website and Facebook, attending our talks/workshops, participating in our greening projects in China, volunteering in regenerative farming projects in Hong Kong, spreading our work, donations, etc.

Above all, CHANGE and PRACTICE a lifestyle that addresses the issues at hand. The problem will not go away by itself.

Which do you prefer?

A landscape inhospitable for life? Or one that supports and nurtures life?

…help us to make our Earth, our Homeland green again.

We do not receive any regular funding for operation from any authorities and only relies on the support of members and friends. Every dollar spent is scrutinized. It has to be very prudent in project selection decision.

HomelandGreen is a tax exempt charitable institution in Hong Kong. All donation of HK$100 or above is tax-deductible in Hong Kong.