Composting Workshops

Composting is an age old practice. The highly populated cities bring along waste handling and hygiene issues. Food wastes are buried or incinerated with other types of garbage. Yet, Mother Nature has taught our ancestors, these are renewable resources. It is truly a WASTE if buried in landfills. We could have used it to feed the soil and microbes. In turn, we and any organisms along the food chain benefit. Best, carbon is being sequestered in soil reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

In Hong Kong, we are running out of landfills. Kitchen and food waste made up a good 40% of our garbage. It would substantially reduce the demand on landfills if they somehow disappear.

That’s where composting comes in.

It reduces kitchen wastes to compost, a great additive to soil. It is basically turning waste to food again.


Composting methods include cold composting, thermal compost piles, Bokashi composting, Johnson Su Bioreactor, etc. All have their own merits.

HomelandGreen so far works mainly on thermal composting. This method kills off pathogens and weed seeds as the temperature can get up to 68oC in the compost pile. And the compost pile will be ready for use in about five months. For details, check out the references.

Our Workshops

HomelandGreen hosts free compost workshops periodically for farmers, urban environmental enthusiasts, high school and university students.

Click here to find out more of out past workshops.